AskMeBazaar: Mother’s Day


Challenge: Askme wanted to share a message that would be heartfelt and would emotionally connect with their followers on Mother’s Day. The focus was not only a video that will impact the existing viewers, but also a message that could be shared with non-followers.
The challenge was to connect this message with the service they provide – to correlate a logistical/online shopping related business with an abstract and personal element such as Mother’s day.

Strategy: We creatively investigated to explore the things that are common between Askme and Mothers. And voila! We realized that the concept of “delivery” was both shared by mothers as well as the client’s service.

Result: The final result was an emotional, smart video that, without being commercially promotional, would still be relevant to the actual client’s service.
We achieved 3 million views in 48 hours, making it a viral and very successful video.