Lava X81: Friendship and Destination 


Challenge: Lava wanted to establish itself as a brand that had both, beautiful looking products as well as a reliable brand. Therefore, we had the concepts of #AlwaysBeautiful and #NeverLetsYouDown in our radar when we developed the concept of the video.
When launching the new model x81, we had the challenge of connecting these two concepts with the new product, and further, being able to display it all in a minute or less.

Strategy: We took a step back and analyzed what other aspect of life is both #AwaysBeautiful and at the same time #NeverLetsYouDown. We realized that Friendships and Special Destinations in the world, both share these two qualities. 

Result: We came up with these two videos that would emphasize on all three aspects that the brand wanted to showcase, while also engaging in an emotionally epic journey packaged in a poetic tone.