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Who are we?

ConnectHub is an ecosystem of digital teams that see digital for all it is with its unique challenges and unpredictability. But we don’t just understand digital - we are digital. We live, breathe, and create digital culture and that is what makes us successful while working at the intersection of media, technology, and marketing. After all, nothing breeds understanding like first hand experience. Digital involves everything from great design to cutting edge technology to clutter breaking campaigns to phenomenal content based on actionable data analytics. This is our forte because unlike others, we do it for ourselves every minute of every day. We are approach agnostic and think 360º, keeping digital at the core. We believe every stakeholder, both internal & external, needs to be communicated with and involved in an organisation’s journey, and when you build a digital DNA it becomes a constant part of who you are.

Interning at the ConnectHub

When you think 'internship', what comes to mind?

Running around and fetching coffee for your boss? Well, here at the ConnectHub, internships are nothing like that and the only person you'll be getting coffee for is yourself!

Our equivalent of 'In Office' is 'Online'. The programme is fully adapted to remote working, meaning you can log in from anywhere,  wearing whatever you like, with your pet on your lap and your music at full volume. All we need from you is a sharp mind that is hungry for a fully integrated learning experience. We believe that everyone has untapped potential, and we make sure our interns are given a hands-on, multi-faceted learning experience to discover their talents and skills. 

Our team consists of a group of under- 35 women and men who are passionate, enthusiastic and ready to help you learn everything you need to equip yourself for a career in the Digital World.  

We have three diferent internship structures so that you can choose what suits you best. Have a look and see what catches your attention!

Internship Structures


Interns will be required to log in for a half-day shift. They will work on specific projects, and will be mentored closely by members of the ConnectHub team on their daily output.


Interns will work the full working day. They will work directly with the team, be involved in all projects, and be a part of brainstorming sessions and all company processes.

Internship Openings


There’s 6 mistakes in this description.

Think you can point all them out? Give it a shot!! If you would get them all right, you might be the Perfect Fit for our copywriter internship programme. Apply so that we, can find out!

Graphic Designers

WE are hiring   interns  RIGHT NOW..

Does the presentation of the above statement bother you? You must be a designer. If you’re itching to revise that design, we think you’d fit in perfectly with us. Reach out to us and let’s have a conversation.

Web Developers

Is your mother tongue HTML? Do you  prefer Javascript codes to Javachip coffees? 

If so, then it's code green to join our team! Apply for our internship and get, set, coding.

Human Resources  

A. I like books more than I like human beings.

B. I am comfortable around people and I’m quite the talker!

Which of the following statements do you agree with more strongly? If the answer is B, you are the perfect fit for HR!  So if you’ve got that easy-going charm and you feel you were born to manage people, then head over and apply so we can have a conversation with you!

(and if you picked A, you might want to apply to our copywriter’s internship programme)

All set? Come say hi!

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In case you're still thinking, 'what the FAQ?', we've answered any doubts you may have

An internship is a period of work experience offered by an employer to give students and graduates exposure to the working environment, often within a specific industry, which relates to their field of study.

Simply put, it’s where you get paid to learn!

No, you don’t have to come to office. You can work from your home in your pyjamas.

The internship will give you an edge over your peers. It will provide you a holistic development in the field of digital marketing. You will be working hands-on with the core team and be learning every vertical of digital marketing.

Bonus, it’ll look fantastic on that CV.

Flexible: No set hours

Part-time: 5 hours a day

Full-time: 9.5 hours a day

Yes, signed and sealed.

Neither! It’s a perennial internship, i.e you can apply any time you like.

We’ll have a look at how you fit in to the company, and after evaluating a few factors if we feel like it’s a match, we will have a conversation.

We’ll let you know over the phone or via email.

The process is very simple.

Step One: A basic online test to be completed within a stipulated time period.

Step Two: If you clear step one, an online interview will be scheduled.

Step Three: Sit back and relax! We will notify you if you are selected and we’ll see you at the online office.

Yes, just contact your manager and we will get in touch.

You will have to use your own computer/laptop and internet connection. You will also be required to download a few simple mandatory software.