We at the ConnectHub believe in the power of youth. And there’s nothing in this internet-driven world that is overlooked by the curious youngsters of the century. It’s time to make the most of this digitally-coated world of vines and videos that drives you and inspires you. Only this time you have to make the change, digitally. We aren’t looking for degrees but passion. Gifted engineers with a bent for broken computers are welcome here. Writers with nocturnal undertones are invited to ascend the mighty stairs (we are on the third floor) that lead to our office. We hunt the dreamers, the achievers and the learners. If you belong to any of these, welcome aboard.



“Pants—like shorts, but longer.” – CHANDLER BING

That’s what we are looking for in a digital copywriter. If you are in the digital game of wordplay and belong to the writers’ battalion, come here and we’ll make sure you have enough ideas working out for us.


Video Editors

You are more than your funny dog videos you upload on YouTube. It’s time to come to us with your storytelling powers backed by sharp video-editing skills. We hunt for the best video guys in town so make sure you have what it takes to birth a great video.


Graphic Designers

There’s only one question that matters here. How adobe-able are you? If you have an eye for colors overlooked by regular humans, we will hire you. If you have the talent to convert words into pictures, we will hire you. If you are anal about fonts we will hire you.


Customer Support – Online Reputation Management

If you have the right number of words and possess accurate communication skills, you have arrived at the right place on the internet today. The ConnectHub is looking for young professionals who talk their way out of other people’s problems and meet deadlines with unmatched punctuality. It’s time to hit the apply button.


Tech Geeks

We place our best interests in anyone who is into codes. If you are good at dismantling and resurrecting a device back to operational, we will hire you. If you hold expertise in building apps and website, we will hire you. If technology is your best friend, we will hire you. Make sure you come prepared.


Client Servicing

We are hiring the task-driven and the go-getters for Client Servicing. If communication is your middle name and meeting client-demands is a cake walk to you, it’s time to serve the deed.


If  any of the above roles excite you contact us below so that you can explore the possibility of joining our team !